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You can expect beautiful, natural results with permanent brows applied via the SofTap® method. Our tools are designed for gentle accuracy, so your makeup won't look harsh on your face.

SofTap® brows can be anything you wish them to be. A soft fill, hair strokes in your brow, solid fills to emulate your pencil, half or parts of your brow, even a brand new, completely full set of eyebrows. If you can think of a way to draw them, your professional can do them.

It is important to remember that prices and services offered vary between professionals and procedures.

The procedure itself is not painful, without anesthetic it has been said to feel like tweezing—and with anesthetic it is said to feel like nothing at all. Talk to your SofTap® professional about your sensitivity needs and whether or not you need anesthetic for your eyebrows.

What is Microblading, exactly? Microblading is a form of semi permanent tattoo, where you use a small slender tool to make small scratches into you skin to create individual hair strokes.  After numbing the skin, you dip the tool into the pigment and literally draw additional hairs onto the clients brow to correct brow shape and fullness.   No more powder or Anastasia Pomade!  

Microblading is an artistic Process The majority of brows will need two to three full sessions for you to be fully satisfied. Only an average of 80% of the micro bladed stokes stay with each session, so it is a process to build fuller and more perfected brows.  Every four weeks we can do another session until your brows have reached your ideal shape and fullness.  I like to combine different microblading methods during each session to get as 3D and natural look as possible.  You CAN cross hairs to give a maximum 3D and hyper-realistic look, you just cannot do this in one appointment.  You can also do finer, softer strokes for fullness, or more sharp, dense strokes to mimick the coarser hairs.  At your first session appointment, we will discuss and decide the best method to use to reach your dream brows.

Can I pick the color I want my brows to be? Yes.  Absolutely!  I can custom mix color to perfectly match your hair color and skin tone.  However, remember that the ink fades an average of 20%-30 %.   Because everyone's skin is different and holds pigment different, I like to begin with assuming your ink depth will stay 100%.  (Which for some people, it does.)   Using this method, we are able to see how the ink fades on your skin specifically, then perfectly adjust the ink formula during the second session to achieve your Perfect ideal color.  I like to err on the safe side, and start out lighter rather than darker when it comes to pigment.  I also love the multi dimensional look this method provides.

How long does it last? Realistically One to two years.  If you don’t touch them up again after 12 to 18 months, they will fade to an extremely soft, powdery look.    I recommend Touch Ups annually.

The day of your appointment: We will first discuss your brows, and what you would like to adjust.  We will then draw on your perfect brow, and outline the shape.  Thirdly, we numb your brows before starting the session with a professional grade numbing for 45 minutes.  Lastly, the actual Microblading or Shading or Both!  The entire process takes only about three hours depending on the depth needed.  Your brows may feel slightly sore just the first day like a sunburn and will lightly scab from the micro cuts.  Because of the scabbing, your brows will darken during the healing process.   It is completely normal!   The ink returns to normal after the healing is complete.  Please see my pre and post care page for an in-depth explanation on the above information.

You need to prepare for your appointment. If you drink a lot, tan, take aspirin, or use retinol, you must stop one week before your treatment.  See the pre and post care page for a full version of how to prepare for your appointment.

Aftercare is required to have your brows heal properly. Your microbladed brows are NOT set in your skin until they have scabbed, and the scabs have shed!  If the scabbing comes off too early, you WILL lose pigment in that area.  I have a very specific healing system to retain as much pigment as possible.  This includes no sweaty workouts and avoiding other moisture with the exception of cleansing your brows per my instructions.    My Pre and Post Care page goes over all of this in depth.

Time Investsment

Eyebrow procedures can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on the difficulty of the design and the amount of work involved. A complete reconstruction of a missing eyebrow, complete with beautiful hair strokes, may take 1-2 hours, but a simple soft fill-in of existing hair may only take 20-30 minutes. Not including consultation, prep, and brow shaping.

Immediately following the procedure, your brows will appear darker than the color you originally chose, don't worry this is perfectly normal. Expect some slight puffiness and/or irritation, some pinpoint bleeding, and after a little while, some dryness. Your SofTap® professional will provide you with RecoverAll ointment, a petroleum based healing agent designed for permanent makeup procedures. Use RecoverAll liberally to help your eyebrows heal properly. For more information on how to care for your new brows, see our Post Treatment Instructions for Eyebrows.

During the first 2-4 days after you have had your brows done, the color will gradually appear darker. This is due to the natural oxidation process that takes place in the skin. After oxidation is complete, the color usually returns close to the color that first appeared 5 minutes after it was implanted. This is perfectly normal; brows heal to their proper color during the healing process. When healing, color will go through several stages.

1- DAY 1 - I'm in LOVE with my new brows!

2- DAY 2-4 - This color is dark !

3-DAY 5-7 - My brows are scabbing and falling off.

4- DAY 8-13 - My brows are gone!

5- DAY 14-24 - Finally my brows are coming back.

6- DAY 42 - My brows are great again after my second perfection session!

Fading is completely natural, brows usually require some form of touch up within the first few weeks after implantation. Because your permanent cosmetics professional will expect this, they will make a follow-up visit for you approximately 6 weeks after your initial visit.

Further long term touch ups will depend on three factors: 

choice of color

long term care 

how the color was applied

We highly suggest that you choose a light to medium application for your eyebrows. This looks the most natural. It is far better to have a natural, undetectable eyebrow and refresh the color as needed rather than have a dark, unnatural eyebrow. If your eyebrows require a dark color, we advise a light application of the dark color in order to maintain a natural appearance. Just as permanent hair color needs to be refreshed, so does your permanent cosmetic procedure.

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