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Why SofTap ??

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

We have modernized this ancient form of tattooing with our patented, 100% disposable hand tools to give clients the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. When it comes to the sensitive skin on your face, we feel that only the most controlled and gentle methods should be used to implant permanent color. Permanent makeup done with the SofTap® hand method is gentle, quiet, and gives beautiful results! You'll love your new look and can relax knowing that you are safe in your professional's hands.

The SofTap® Hand Method

Unlike modern body tattoos, SofTap® brand permanent makeup is implanted by hand. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives clients the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. SofTap® believes that the natural versatility and artistic nature of the hand method is perfect for delicate work.

Your permanent cosmetic professional has complete control over where pigment is deposited in your skin with the SofTap® hand method.

During the procedure, SofTap® tools are dipped in SofTap® color and then gently tapped throughout the area according to the design.

SofTap® color is applied to sterile needles and implanted under the epidermis, just at the surface of the skin's dermal layer. This method is very controlled and very efficient.

After implantation, the pigment rests and is covered by the epidermis as the skin heals, giving the pigment a softer look than its initial implantation.

Benefits of the SofTap® Hand Method

Maximum Comfort

The first question that friends and family ask is "Did it hurt?" The most common answers are "It wasn't bad at all", "I fell asleep", SofTap® is so gentle—you have to feel it to believe it.

Fast Healing Time

Because SofTap® is so gentle, brow procedures can be done without any topical at all. This is great because the less topical used, the faster your skin will heal. You will also notice little to no redness or swelling. Back to work same day!

Men get SofTap® too! The most popular treatments for men are:

Soft, subtle eyebrow fills—pepper your eyebrows with a bit of natural pigment and you can look ten years younger in just one treatment.

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